A Divorce Requires Splitting Your Assets

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Dividing up your assets is a challenging task, especially when you have children involved. Kathryn Liptrap, Attorney at Law, PLLC can serve as your divorce attorney in the Conroe, Texas area. By working with attorney Kathryn Liptrap, you'll be able to split your assets peacefully, enforce child custody and child support orders and create other necessary agreements.

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What do judges use to decide child custody?

What do judges use to decide child custody?

If you're fighting for child custody, attorney Kathryn Liptrap can support you and your family during the process. When a judge presides over a child custody case, they take a wide range of factors into consideration, including the:

  • Wishes of the child, if old enough to voice their opinion.
  • Living situations of the parents, including other household members.
  • Mental and financial stability of both parents.
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