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Writing your will is an important way to protect your family's future. A probate attorney in Conroe, Texas can help you get started with your will and act as your estate administrator when the time comes. Kathryn Liptrap, Attorney at Law, PLLC will walk you through the estate planning process to give you peace of mind as you plan for the future.

Make sure your wishes are honored after you're gone. Meet with a probate attorney by calling attorney Kathryn Liptrap today. She can also help you set up trusts.

When should you seek guardianship of an individual?

When should you seek guardianship of an individual?

If you're interested in seeking guardianship, attorney Kathryn Liptrap can assist you with the legal process. You can seek guardianship of an individual when they are incapable of caring for themselves physically, mentally or financially.

Seeking guardianship is most common for minors or individuals with a disability. As their guardian, you will be responsible for their well-being and daily care.

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