As a local business owner

I have needed and used attorneys for many issues, Probate, Trusts, IRS and Tax issues. When you do, you discover there are good ones and those that lack the professional acumen and deportment you expect from a profession that requires such attention to detail and can impact peoples lives to the extent the practice of law can. My experience with Katherine highlights this point. I developed a need for legal services relative to a messy divorce.

I did not know Katherine at the time, but in our initial interview I was impressed with her professional appearance, deportment and knowledgeable recommendations. I was also impressed with her fees-- as my experience had taught me to avoid legal advisors that traded services as the 'discount' attorney. This experience has taught me the good ones are worth the extra few dollars--as they expect to earn it.

Over the course of the following months, she carefully guided the process, was manifestly well ahead of the game, extremely attentive to my concerns, responsive and available. From a professional standpoint this would have seemed to have been sufficient, but there is more and this is the reason I have decided to endorse her. Her recommendations--from the outset--were spot on. Her counsel proved she knew her trade, the law and had a working knowledge of the people we were dealing with. She clearly had the respect of the Court, the Judges and District Attorneys and how best to work with them while representing my interests. Not one time did her advice prove to be flawed. In the months this process took she was never wrong--and there were plenty of opportunities to be wrong. As a result, I have nothing but praise for her services and would gladly recommend her at every opportunity in the future.


Professional Excellence